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Siempre Verde Garden is a community garden on two small parcels of public land in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, located on the corner of Stanton and Attorney Streets (see map). Since November, 2012, the garden is operated with the assistance of GreenThumb, a program of the New York City Department of Parks. The garden will host workshops and events for the community, and members will work hard to improve the land. Together we will create a local green space for growing plants, exploring sustainable living, and strengthening community bonds.
Siempre Verde Garden is your garden, join us!

¡ Save SVG !

Siempre Verde Garden is fighting for its life! Our two land parcels are currently under control of NYC's Housing and Preservation Department (HPD) and there is a proposal afoot to destroy the garden to build luxury housing. Members of 12 area gardens and other community supporters turned out in force in October at Manhattan Community Board 3 meetings to support preservation of the garden and to speak to the huge value SVG brings to the area. (See the SVG Factsheet) The Land Use committee voted on our behalf and the full CB3 board ratified the resolution that the City should move our garden's land out of HPD's real estate portfolio and into the Parks department for superior protection of the land as a community garden.


  • Over 1,000 people have signed petitions online and on paper in support of the garden. We would love to make that 2,000 signatures! So, if you have not yet done so PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION!
  • Come to the Community Board 3 Parks committee meeting on November 13 -- WE NEED BODIES IN THE ROOM again to demonstrate the groundswell of support from our neighbors and fellow gardeners.
  • Community Board 3, Parks Committee Meeting

    Thursday, November 13 at 6:30pm
    BRC Senior Services Center
    30 Delancey Street (btwn Chrystie & Forsyth Sts)

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Regular Meeting Dates & Becoming a Member

Interested in becoming a member? First, please stop by the garden during open hours (check our calendar) and talk to members about our garden and your interest in it. Ask for an orientation to the two garden parcels and how the land is being used, and ask about member responsibilities. (We have a couple of plots available for individual gardeners to tend, but you needn't take a plot to be a member -- there are various ways to be involved!)

Then, attend the next garden meeting to sign up.

Our garden meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, and are also listed in the calendar. If you live or work near Siempre Verde Garden, and would like to be part of maintaining and improving our garden and providing access and events for the community, we would love to have you join!


Shul donations honor Lluba Stanivuk

The garden has received donations from members of the Stanton Street Shul (and the Shul is also a garden member!). Donations were submitted in multiples of $18 for purchasing plants to honor the memory of artist and gardener Lluba Stanivuk. Why $18? Keep reading ...

Lluba Stanivuk was a deeply thoughtful and thoroughly opinionated person. Trained as an art historian, she could happily debate chiaroscuro techniques or 20th century politics. She  was an artist who used garden and culinary materials to create a body of work that spoke to her life as a gardener and a cook. Ljuba had come to New York from the former Yugoslavia; after a career in the arts, she became part of downtown's gardening and Jewish communities by just ptiching in including by cooking in Shuls. She and Jaroslav Andel  raised their daughter Anna, here in the LES, We remember her at Stanton Street and White Street with fondness as well as sorrow. The gift for Siehmpre Verde is given in Lluba's memory since it was important to her that a new green space flourish in the LES; it is in multiples of $18, a number called Chai, traditionally associated with Life and Health.

"Starting Dreams" Celebration August 18th, 1st anniversary!


One year ago, local residents and many helpful friends first organized to access the forlorn vacant lot at 181 Stanton Street and began cleaning up, with the dream of starting a new garden. The Siempre Verde community that is growing stronger and richer every day, the talent and creativity and hard work that people have put in, have turned the dream into a living reality. Please join us on Sunday to celebrate with friends old and new.                         


Hendrik Beikirch mural now graces SVG

Global meets local as German artist Hendrik Beikrich’s 65 foot mural now stretches over the Siempre Verde Garden lot at 181 Stanton Street. Here neighbors in August 2012 rallied to save and have since resurrected a green space, battling the corporate push to develop on every scrap of land.  

World renowned Beikrich has shared “mirrors of the soul” art on countless walls all over the world, most prominently his 230 foot piece of a fisherman in South Korea.  Finally finding a canvas in Manhattan on the L.E.S – on a building dating back to the early 1900s – he was enthused to be part of the artistic struggle that embodies one of the last remaining art meccas of NYC.  Hendrik most humbly reminds us that New York City is “where dreams do come true” in projecting the youthful student Maischa’s image, echoing the past, present and future of all who have settled and passed through on the journey; reflecting the ambivalent change that encompasses us all.  

With a community of neighbors truly uniting in a “collaboration without borders,” via his 10-year friendship with Staten Islander and fellow artist Veng (from www.robotswillkill.com), Beikrich was connected with Irish artists and activists Clare Costello and Frances Hanlon, both of who live on the Lower East Side and are members of the garden.  Art Supply Company Molotow donated paint and equipment.  

This project has unleashed a renewal of positive energy and hope in the L.E.S.

Worm Bins: Care, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Free! Wednesday, August 7 at 7:00 pm

This is the next in our series of vermicomposting workshops. In June we covered Starting Your Own Worm Bin. Now we look at issues like amount & frequency & content of feeding, varying approaches to adding bedding and food to the bin, co-inhabitants you might find living in the bin alongside your worms, problems you might encounter and how to remedy them. Everyone welcome, members, neighbors, visitors, and extraterrestrials.


Bi-lingual Hatha Yoga in the Garden!

Sunday, July 28 at 11 a.m.
Donation-based (all proceeds to garden). 



Free childcare for children aged 2 and up in the playground right alongside our garden! Have a little one? No problem, please come and take an hour for yourself! (RSVP very important if you will be requesting childcare.)

Garden member Lala Bhakti, an advanced yoga practitioner and teacher and permaculturist, will lead a bilingual (English/Spanish) hatha yoga class in the garden under the trees! How often do you get the chance to take a bilingual yoga class, under trees?? Read more...

Music, Garden, and the hearts of the LES

The whole community turned out to celebrate the first day of summer in Siempre Verde Garden. The garden was a venue in the 7th annual Make Music NY festival, held each year on Summer Solstice, with musicians of all stripes playing in all kinds of locations all around the City. We are still building our garden, and planters and crops are still a little ways off, so we leveraged all this open space for community use, and flung the gates open to host no fewer than 12 performances in 6 hours!

Story, pix, vid, and a l-o-n-g list of shout outs...

We made our bed, now we can plant in it

Of course the foundation of any garden is the soil. The "bed" is the major task of any group rehabilitating a vacant urban lot into a community garden. Throughout the month of June, members and friends of Siempre Verde Garden busted their booties spreading fill soil, top soil, and wood chips -- and probably gallons of sweat -- over most of our 2600 square feet of land. Click through for a slideshow and a big shout-out to all the folks who helped!